All Videos of the YouTube Project “Stories, Which Are Not from Textbooks” about the Value of Education from “Learning Together” and Oleksandr Pedan are Now Available

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All 9 videos of the project “Stories, Which Are Not from Textbooks” have been published on YouTube. The project has involved school principals, teachers, students and their parents, who understand the value of education and its undeniable importance for the future of every Ukrainian. It has been implemented by the “Learning Together” project in collaboration with a public activist and TV presenter Oleksandr Pedan.

“The situations faced by Ukrainian education have long gone beyond just stories from textbooks. The teachers’ dedication to their work and the students’ pursuit of knowledge and change are inspiring. When I see such heroes of the project, I am convinced that we are on the right path to creating a comfortable and interesting educational environment”, said the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Oksen Lisovyi.

The project “Stories, Which Are Not from Textbooks” focuses on teachers, parents and students who are examples of invincibility and, despite the circumstances, continue to teach and gain knowledge.

The heroes and heroines of the project were:

  • Anton Atamanchuk, a primary school teacher of the Kyiv gymnasium school No. 287, known for his videos in TikTok;
  • Oleh Slushnyi, Principal of Vinnytsia Lyceum No. 20;
  • 5th-grade student Timur Ilyuk, who used to study in occupied Kherson;
  • displaced schoolchildren Ilya Pedko from Kharkiv and Dmytro Krupa from Kherson;
  • Artem Zakharov, a teacher from Mariupol, who radically changed his occupation at the age of 31 and now teaches Mathematics at school No. 252 in Kyiv;
  • Yuliia Balaniuk, a teacher who conducted lessons outside under a supermarket during the blackout;
  • Olena Yakovchuk principal of school No. 3 in Chernihiv, which became a shelter for teachers, students and their parents during the siege of the city;
  • 8th graders from Bucha Andrii Yatsura and Bohdan Makarenko, who have developed a construction debris management project in their hometown;
  • Olena Linnik, an expert involved in designing the NUS reform.

“Stories, Which Are Not from Textbooks” demonstrate that the New Ukrainian School is a reform that fundamentally changes Ukrainian education and Ukrainian society. The key values of the NUS are respect, trust, security, dignity and love for your country.

In project videos, the heroes and heroines revealed various aspects of the NUS, in particular:

  • how parents feel about the newest approaches of the New Ukrainian School;
  • what makes children who have been studying for 4 years under the NUS curriculum different;
  • how parents can prepare their children to study in the New Ukrainian School;
  • how NUS influences the development of the society and the state;
  • how the idea of creating a reform came about and what the NUS is in simple words.

All 9 videos of the project can be viewed on the YouTube channel “Pedan Can”.