Education Promotion

Overall Objectives:

  • building awareness and positive perceptions about the NUS reform and its details;
  • promoting information sharing and networking between schools and education professionals;
  • raising awareness about the benefits of bi- and multilingualism and the importance of state language knowledge;
  • engaging social dialogue on the school reform.


  • We stick to the Visibility Guidelines of our main donors – EU and MFA of Finland.
  • All communication and info-materials of the Project include an approved set of logos and disclaimers which outline the role of the EU and MFA of Finland and the Project itself.
  • We have our Project’s identity and Visibility Guidelines which include the visibility requirements of our donors.

Key results

We explained in detail the peculiarities of the NUS reform to educators, parents of students, and all interested parties.

Our work helped 15.8 million Ukrainians and more than 2.1 million educators to better understand the peculiarities of the NUS reform and its impact on the future of children and Ukraine.

We have conducted more than 12 thematic communication campaigns. In our video explanations, materials in the media, 3D tours we talked in particular about:

  • values and features of NUS,
  • creating an educational environment,
  • parents’ responsibility in the process of children’s education,
  • professional standards of the director and teacher,
  • new State standard of basic secondary education.

In the future, educators will use developed by our project:

  • 100+ booklets and infographics
  • 65+ videos with practical tips and explanations
  • 1800 Teacher Professional Development Diaries

One of the most important projects for us is the NUSH hub. This is a free resource that collects educational technologies and educational materials. We implemented this project together with the Institute of Education Content Modernization of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the European Edtech Alliance.

Over the years, we have helped the communication team of the Ministry of Education and Science to effectively inform educators, state administrators, students and their parents about the progress of the NUS reform.