Teacher preparation


Support to teacher professional development in line with the reform and with enrichment of Finnish experience and good practices:

  • Training of teacher trainers in 25 regional In-service Teacher Training Institutes (ITTIs)
  • Training of teacher trainers in 24 pilot Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Support to improvement of the system of Teacher Professional Development (TPD)
  • Preparation of digital training products for teachers and teacher trainers

Main stakeholders: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Institute of Education Content Modernization (IECM), Ukrainian Institute of Education Development (UIED), State Service of Education Quality (SSEQ) and the Reform Support Team (RST).


Key results

Throughout the project, we systematically supported teachers’ professional development – even despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

We conducted 34 educational activities, including trainings, webinar programs, study trips to Finland, online consultations, online courses.

The key topics of our programs and courses, during which Finnish experts shared best practices and knowledge:

  • primary education pedagogy
  • inclusive education
  • assessment practices
  • professional development and mentoring
  • planning, creating, evaluation of educational programs
  • digital tools for teachers

Our educational activities covered 2,800 educators, among whom are teachers of post-graduate pedagogical and higher education institutions, teachers, regional NUS coordinators, authors of educational programs.

Responding to the challenges caused by the war, we conducted a series of training and supervision sessions “Psychosocial support for teachers and students during wartime” and created a methodological manual. We trained 109 trainers-pedagogues from ITTI and 141 teachers and teachers trainers who received the relevant certificate.


Two digital training products for teachers and teacher trainers published and in use:

‘School for All’ on inclusion

QR-code and link to the self-study online course:


‘Evaluation without Devaluation’

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