Language Component

Overall Objectives: 

  • bring language teaching in schools with national minorities’ languages of instruction (Hungarian, Romanian) to NUS standards;  
  • raising awareness about the importance of state language and multilingualism; 
  • improving the educational environment (language teaching and studying).

Key results

310 teachers and 20 trainers passed our trainings for teachers and methodologists of the ITTI of Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi regions. Of them, 98% are extremely satisfied with learning, and 68% of all Ukrainian language teachers from the mentioned regions already use project materials and methods in their work.

1,613 teachers from Ukraine completed the training for biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry teachers on teaching in the Ukrainian language.

Our key products are for educators and students

Online courses for teachers

  • “Teaching the Ukrainian language in classes with teaching language of national minorities”
  • “Ukrainian for physicists and lyricists”

Educational programs

  • a typical training program for biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics teachers in educational institutions teaching in the languages of national minorities
  • a model educational program “Integrated course of Ukrainian language and literature for classes with instruction in the language of the indigenous people and/or national minority. 5-6 grades”

Manuals for teachers, universities, students

  • “Ukrainian for everyone. How to teach those for whom Ukrainian is not their native language”
  • “Ukrainian as the state language. Studying and learning”
  • “The art of assessment at NUS”
  • “Bombastic Ukrainian. How to plan and conduct a language camp”
  • sets of manuals (student’s manual, teacher’s manual, student’s workbook) on studying Ukrainian as a state language for grades 1-4

Digital products

  • “YOY” – a mobile application for learning Ukrainian in primary school
  • multilingual online dictionary of mathematical terms (Hungarian, Romanian + Polish, Slovak)