Educational environment

Support to the development, use and improvement of a digital learning space and learning materials for students and experts in education as well as the creation and improvement of standards for school principals.


  • to promote the development of modern educational materials based on new standards, taking into account the inclusiveness criterion; to enhance the capacity of authors, experts and users to develop or select educational materials;
  • to develop and disseminate new professional standards for school principals, to improve general secondary education institution management skills and practices;
  • to assist in the design, creation and use of new electronic platforms, development of electronic educational resources, improvement of a monitoring system and development of teachers’ ICT competencies.

Key results

Our project contributed to the printing and delivery of more than 361,000 copies of textbooks “Getting to know nature”, “Natural sciences” and “Environment” in the field of science education for the 5th grade.

  • 12,200 educators use the Curriculum Constructor, developed by the project and the Reform Support Team for the Ministry of Education and Science 
  • 544 principals and 314 trainers successfully completed our training programs on effective school management, the use of new professional standards, and the implementation of the NUS reform
  • 1289 participants successfully completed our online course on the development of digital competence of educators “Aware Teachers”

Based on the course “Academy of effective school management” a Model training program for newly appointed directors of schools was created and approved. The module “High School Management in Finnish” by the international expert in education quality management Ari Pokka has also been developed for the “National School of Managers” platform from the IECM.

With trainings and online courses, we also increased the level of capabilities of developers, experts, and users of educational content – more than 5,200 people took them. We have also developed a comprehensive solution for training potential experts of educational materials – the platform “School of Educational Content Experts”.