Webinars of the “Mentoring in Teaching Practice” program can be viewed in the NUS hub

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Recordings of webinars of the “Mentoring in Teaching Practice” program have been published on our website. It is about the features and best practices of Finnish higher pedagogical education.

The webinars will deepen the understanding of the teacher’s professional development and provide tools for the teacher’s practical activities. The webinar program is designed to familiarize educators with the ideas of:

  • Finnish initial teacher education: primary and secondary school teacher education structure, content and teaching practices;
  • a school as a learning organization, professional learning community;
  • guided teaching practice.

Recordings of webinars will also introduce the peculiarities of the path of professional development of a teacher and provide tools for the practical activities of a teacher.

Among the topics covered in the webinars:

  • the Finnish approach – growth to profession of a teacher during studies;
  • teaching practice – theories and principles;
  • tools for growth for teaching;
  • mentoring of a university teacher during pedagogical practice;
  • school and home cooperation.

The full program and recordings of 15 webinars are available at the link.

The lecturers of the webinars were:

  • M-s Anja Huurinainen-Kosunen – Master of Arts, Teacher, Viikki Teacher Training School of the University of Helsinki;
  • D-r Riia Palmqvist – counselor of Education in the Finnish National Agency for Education.
  • D-r Anni Loukomies – University Lecturer and Teacher, Viikki Teacher Training School, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences.