Manual “How to Help Students and Parents in Wartime” Is Published

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The manual “How to Help Students and Parents in Wartime”, developed with the support of the Learning Together project, is now available. You can download it from the NUS hub.

The authors of the manual are Oksana Ruda and Tetiana Hnida. It was written in response to the need of educators of in-service teacher training institutions who participated in the program of webinars on psychosocial support, carried out with the assistance of the Learning Together project.

The manual contains methodological recommendations for the implementation of practices aimed at supporting primary school teachers who work in difficult conditions caused by the war, experiencing stressful situations, and who are to find resources in themselves to work efficiently, support their students and students’ parents.

The manual contains the following thematic modules:

  • trauma, resilience, first psychological aid for teachers;
  • psychosocial support for children;
  • work with parents;
  • trainer’s methodology.

In addition, the publication contains the final methodological section, which highlights the focus and key elements of carrying out training sessions on psychosocial support as well as key elements of working online.

The publication is intended primarily for educators of in-service teacher training institutions. It can also be useful for lecturers of higher education institutions, primary school teachers and parents of primary school children. The materials of the manual will help teachers and educators who do not have a professional psychological background feel confident in the psychosocial support area.

The manual is recommended by the University of Educational Management of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.