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Materials of the Learning Together Project Have Been Recommended for Learning Ukrainian in Kindergartens of Kyiv

The materials developed by the Learning Together project have been recommended for learning Ukrainian in kindergartens of Kyiv as part of a pilot project launched by the non-governmental organization “Spilna Mova. Centre for Creation and Development of the Ukrainian-speaking Environment”. In the near future it is planned to replicate the project in one of the […]

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Dictionaries of Mathematics Terms for Students of Schools With the Languages of Instruction of National Minorities are Available

From now on, 1st-11thgraders of schools with Hungarian and Romanian languages of instruction can use online dictionaries of mathematics terms in order to translate them into Ukrainian as well as mobile applications for using these dictionaries. These useful and necessary dictionaries for schoolchildren have been developed by our project in cooperation with the Bukrek publishing […]

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YOY: How to Learn Ukrainian With the Help of a Mobile Application With Fun

Primary school students who study in educational institutions with the languages of instruction of national minorities can learn the Ukrainian language with the «YOY» application. YoY, a mobile application for learning the Ukrainian language by primary school students who study in educational institutions with the languages of instruction of national minorities, was issued. The app […]

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How Parents’ Meetings Are Conducted in Europe

A joke is going around the Internet: parents’ meetings are like a sect meeting – people leave in the dark, sullen, silent and without money in their pockets. In European countries, communication with parents is a prerequisite for effective learning, and the student’s family and its well-being are no less important than things that happen […]

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Dinner Is Served: Finnish School Meals as Another Dimension of Reality

Finland is the first country, which introduced free school lunches for all students back in 1948. Realizing that the food culture is formed from childhood, critically influences the quality of life and life expectancy of each person and the well-being of the entire nation, Finns pay a lot of attention to teaching children about healthy […]

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Ari Pokka: «A school principal is not an orchestra conductor, but someone who softly reminds what melody everyone is playing»

You are permanently busy and cannot find time to plan your day, because there is always something distracting you. At the same time, your job is interesting and you are capable of contributing to improving the quality of education. This situation is quite familiar to a school principal in Ukraine. However, as told by Ari […]

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Language Component in 2022: Summer Academy, BombeZNO Camp, Manuals for Learning Ukrainian

Despite the fact that due to the war most activities of the Language Component of our project were held online, they were surprisingly successful and gathered a lot of participants. Besides, we managed to finalize important publications during the year. Read more about this below. Summer Academy 2022 This year the Summer Academy was held […]

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Curriculum Constructor, Academy of School Management, Materials for the NUS Hub: Cluster 3 in 2022

Testing and improvement of the Curriculum Constructor, completion of piloting the course for newly appointed school principals within the framework of the Ari Pokka Academy of Effective School Management, the online marathon for developers of educational materials for children with SEN, a course for trainers «Academy of Effective School Management» – this is by no […]

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NUS Hub and Education Promotion in Wartime: What Cluster 2 of Our Project Achieved in 2022

New realities of 2022 have had an impact not only on education, but also on what to tell about education and how. Cluster 2 of the Learning Together project, which promotes education and the NUS reform, has adapted to the new realities too. This article is about our education-related communications in the full-scale wartime context. […]

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