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Mentoring Program Materials are at the Learning Together Video Hub

We have published ‘Mentoring programme’ materials with text and video recordings in the ‘Resource Centre’ part of the NUS hub. The programme, which consisted of 6 webinars (1 ECTS credit), was held for teachers of in-service teacher training institutions in June 2022. The program introduces the concept of the “School as a learning organization” and […]

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More than 100 Electronic Textbooks for Grade 5 of the NUS Have Been Published

The NUS hub has published electronic versions of more than 100 textbooks for grade 5 of schools, which will start implementing a new State Standard for Basic Secondary Education and model study programs of the New Ukrainian School in the 2022/2023 academic year. Read more about the textbooks and download them at this link. The […]

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Has Endorsed the Extension of the Learning Together Project

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a resolution on amendments to the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Finland on implementation of the project “Finland’s Support to the Ukrainian School Reform”. It is worth reminding that the Agreement on project extension was signed by Prime Minister […]

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Instructional Guidelines for the 2022/2023 Academic Year Have Been Published. Continuation of the NUS Reform is Among The Priorities

The NUS hub has published Instructional Guidelines on organizing the educational process and teaching academic subjects in general secondary education institutions in the 2022/2023 academic year. The document is available at this link. The Guidelines were developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with the Institute of Education Content Modernization and […]

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What Kind of Texts Should Be in Textbooks so that Students Can Easily Perceive and Understand Them

When we talk about textbook writing, we often mention that the textbook should be written in simple language. But what does this really mean? “Written in simple language,” explain associate professors of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University, PhD in Education Olena Pavlyk and Liudmyla Lysohor, “is an approach to creating a text when it can […]

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«School for All»: Take on Online Course on How to Organize an Inclusive Environment Publication on NUS

Teachers instruct in diverse classes, and in terms of the legislation they are not necessarily inclusive. An inclusive environment is about comfortable learning for all students. How to create and maintain an inclusive learning environment? What tools, methods, and approaches will help teachers successfully instruct in diverse classes? How to interact efficiently with colleagues and […]

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How to Help Students Move Smoothly from Primary School to Basic School. Finnish Experience

In Finland, the transition of children from preschool education to primary school education and from primary school to basic school is planned in advance. Everyone is involved in the so-called transition period – school administrations, which organize everything, teachers and students who can act as consultants, and parents who get acquainted with transition rules. Each […]

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Study Programs should not Copy Model Study Programs: Similarities and Differences between these Programs

Often, an educational institution takes a particular model study program as a basis and builds a learning process only slightly adapting it to its needs. Roman Shyyan, Deputy Director of the Reform Support Team of the MoES of Ukraine, and Iryna Starahina, an expert of this team, were trying to help us understand differences between […]

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A Series of Webinars on Mentoring for Teachers was Held

During 6-14 June, a series of six webinars «School as a Learning Organization. Together toward Effective Learning. How can Mentors Help Teachers as Equal Members of a School Community?» was held.  The webinars were carried out by Riia Palmqvist, Counselor of Education in the Finnish National Agency for Education, PhD in Education with 20 years […]

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