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How to Develop Students` Assessment System

Formative, ongoing, summative assessment. How should these types of assessment interact and complement each other? And what are the peculiarities of assessment of students with special educational needs? And how to develop assessment rules common to the entire school? Here is some practical advice from experts on how to create an assessment system in an […]

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Finnish Curriculum: What is Determined by the State and What is Determined by the School

How are curricula developed in Finland? What is determined by the state, by a local government and by a school? This material presents answers to these and other questions about the curriculum. The state level The scenario of basic secondary education is established at the level of the national curriculum, say Finnish experts. Its main […]

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A Series of Webinars on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Educational Process Has Been Launched

We have launched webinars «Information and Communication Technologies in Pedagogy» for NUS coordinators from In-Service Teacher Training Institutions. The series of six webinars conducted by the Learning Together project started on 25 November and will last until 16 December. The webinars are designed to enhance competencies for using digital technology in distance/online and hybrid education […]

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«Learning Together» and «Go Global» Have Trained 60 Teachers-Mentors for «Bombezno Camp 2022» Student Teams

In collaboration with the Educational Foundation «Go Global» the Learning Together project has conducted training for teachers who will mentor student teams during the implementation of the program «Bombezno Camp 2022». The offline training for teachers-mentors was held on 18-20 November. During the training, teachers mastered efficient mentoring, got acquainted with learning gamification and other […]

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Formative Assessment: Examples of Forms Filled in by Finnish Teachers, Children and Their Parents

How to conduct formative assessment? Finnish experts Anja Huurinainen-Kosunen and Riia Palmqvist shared not general but quite concrete recommendations during a series of webinars organized by the Learning Together project and the Reform Support Team. In particular, they proposed a set of forms that teachers, children and parents fill in during the school year in […]

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How to Borrow from Other Authors’ Works without Plagiarizing: Rules for Using Intellectual Property

Do you know that you will have to ask permission if you plan to illustrate your material, article or speech with a photo of the famous «Gioconda»? It is important to know the rules for using intellectual property not only for publishers or textbook developers, but also for teachers who create their own study programs, […]

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Positive Assessment and Self-assessment – How to Conduct These Assessments and Teach Them to Students

If during the assessment a teacher focuses on problems, demonstrates power, divides children into «good» and «bad», tries to average-out their achievements, oppose them and focus on their behavior in the past («you have never spoken to the point»), then such an assessment will not support and will not help students move along their educational […]

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Why it is Worth Taking the Online Course «Assessment for Learning»

When we assess, do we support or punish? How to assess without causing harm, but, on the contrary, contributing to motivation? What assessment tools will help teachers and why parents should not require grades? The answers to these questions are given in the online course «Assessment for Learning». The course has been developed by the […]

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How Should a Full-fledged Electronic Textbook Look Like and Why the PDF Version is not Enough

The need for electronic textbooks arose a long time ago, and it became particularly acute during the pandemic and war. After all, it is convenient for distance learning, and at the time of offline studies it solves the problem of heavy school backpacks, especially for young children. And these are just two advantages of this […]

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